Let’s Call Him Out For What He Is: Stephen Paddock- A CRIMINAL, MASS MURDERER & TERRORIST

“Cleveland: Tamir Rice Death ‘Directly Caused by Own Acts” -Newser

“Suspended THREE Times for Drugs, Truancy and Graffiti and ‘caught carrying a burglary tool’: New Picture Emerges of Trayvon Martin (And Did He Attack A Bus Driver Too?)” -Daily Mail

“No Dice, BLM, Michael Brown Was Not Innocent” -The Washington Times

“Eric Garner Case: Blame Only The Man Who Tragically Decided Do Resist” -Fox News

“Walter Scott Had Bench Warrant for His Arrest, Court Documents Show” -NBC News

These are all headlines referring to unarmed black men that were murdered by police officers. Following the headlines will be articles that depict them as ‘thugs’ and giving us irrelevant information, as if they’re trying to convince us that these colored men deserved to die. These headlines portray black VICTIMS as criminals

However, when it comes to a white man committing a crime we read about how quiet or shy they were. We also hear about the cleanliness of their homes or all their accomplishments. Not shedding light on the very clear fact that they’re a criminal.

Now lets talk about Stephen Paddock. I wouldn’t be surprised if those reading this don’t know of that name since all the headlines are referring to the assailant as a ‘Gunman’ or ‘Gambler’.

Stephen Paddock is a criminal, terrorist and mass murderer who is responsible for the worst mass shooting in the United States. The Las Vegas Strip Shooting. While approximately 30,000 people were enjoying the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival, Paddock was on the balcony of his 32nd floor hotel room in the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. From there he went on a shooting spree killing over 50 people and causing the injuries of over 500 people. Paddock is responsible for the death of several people. He is responsible for the injuries of several hundreds of people.

Reporters and journalist must be forgetting the innocent lives he just ruined as they write about his neat life. They’re reporting everything that his brother has said about his character and of course his brother is only going to paint him in a bright light.

His brother, Eric Paddock, would like for us to know that his brother was a wealthy man that played poker on cruises. He also felt the need to add that his brother was able to afford anything he desired. He owned apartments and houses in Texas. Lastly, he’d like for us to know that his brother wasn’t associated with any terror or hate groups and he has not the slightest clue why his brother would commit such an act.

Stephen Paddock, 64 is a retiree who lived with his girlfriend in a retiree community. He was also the son of a criminal. His father, Benjamin Hoskins Paddock, was on the FBIs most wanted list from 1969 to 1977 for bank robbery. The FBI described his father as a diagnosed psychopathic with suicidal tendencies.

Back to the assailant himself– from what authorities are revealing, he’s been to himself and his family hasn’t had any physical contact with him for some time. So when I read his brother’s statement on the assailants character I can’t help but to ask, how can he genuinely know how his brother has been if their last form of contact was through a text message some weeks ago?

The authorities reported that he lived in a nice, neat home. That ‘nice, neat’ home had 18 firearms, explosives and thousands of ammunition rounds. His car contained fertilizer and ammonium nitrate. In addition to that, he had 19 guns in his hotel room. With those guns he went on a shooting spree and shot innocent civilians. He murdered over 50 people. He is the cause of over 500 injuries.

Stephen Paddock isn’t just wealthy. He isn’t just a retiree. He isn’t just a gambler. He isn’t just the gunman.

Stephen Paddock is a criminal. A mass murderer. A terrorist.

Say his name. Say what he is.



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