Why I Quit Writing For The Odyssey Online

I’ve haven’t been writing for the Odyssey all that long, I only have a total of ten articles up. I won’t deny that it was exciting at the beginning. However, it quickly turned into that day job you hate.

I understand the purpose of deadlines and keeping things in order, but the editor in chief was more annoying than professors reminding you of that 20 page paper due tomorrow. We had THREE separate group chats: one on Facebook and two on GroupMe. The purpose of one group chat was to post the date and time we submitted our articles in addition to the topic that it was about (as if they couldn’t see it as they’re reading and editing it). My phone was constantly blown up from the chats, especially Facebook, so I silenced all notifications causing me to sometimes miss the important stuff.

Majority of the discussions hardly pertained to writing. At some point there was a discussion about which Sprouse twin was cuter. When I wasn’t engaging in that discussion the editor tagged me and some others to ask us for our opinion– on the twins. This bothered me for three reasons: It just didn’t interest me, I haven’t seen the Sprouse brothers since their Disney show and I could hardly tell that they’re not identical, and I’m a twin myself so I definitely hate that question.

Don’t get me wrong, I can understand the idea of being friendly and trying to get us all to engage. I can also understand having A SINGLE group chat to keep us informed and give us tips. However my phone was being blown up with discussions that I had no desire to participate in and majority of the time couldn’t relate to.

Also, I just wasn’t fond of my editor, at all. This week is really what made me come to the decision to leave the Odyssey.  I submitted a listicle on winter hair care tips and the editor clearly wasn’t fond of it. She privately messaged me on Facebook to inform me that I put hair cuticle and that’s not a thing. If she took the time to google she’d know that the hair cuticle is the outermost part of the hair shaft and cuticles don’t only exist in the nails. In addition to this, she told me that my submission was too long and I should use pictures to shorten it.

I’m a writer. I write. Yes, a picture may say a thousand words, but I’m a writer and I will write out all of my words because that is what I do.

All in all, I just felt annoyed, drained, and limited. Writing is my one and only craft that allows me to completely express myself and I wasn’t allowed to do that with my editor. While writing for the Odyssey it felt as though the one thing that made me feel at ease was now sucking the life out of me and no longer entertaining. I was gradually losing passion in writing.

The Odyssey is a great platform if you can handle what comes with it. If you’re a writer that enjoys freely writing without the stress of deadlines or editors I wouldn’t recommend it. Create your own blog and write as you wish, when you wish.

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