Need Financial Help to Study Abroad? Apply for the Benjamin Gilman Scholarship!

The thought of studying abroad is exciting for almost everyone! Honestly, traveling and going to school at the same time is an unforgettable experience that so many students dream of but don’t really get to experience due to financial hardship. I was one of those students. Coming from a large family, I knew my family... Continue Reading →

Let’s Call Him Out For What He Is: Stephen Paddock- A CRIMINAL, MASS MURDERER & TERRORIST

"Cleveland: Tamir Rice Death 'Directly Caused by Own Acts" -Newser "Suspended THREE Times for Drugs, Truancy and Graffiti and 'caught carrying a burglary tool': New Picture Emerges of Trayvon Martin (And Did He Attack A Bus Driver Too?)" -Daily Mail "No Dice, BLM, Michael Brown Was Not Innocent" -The Washington Times "Eric Garner Case: Blame Only... Continue Reading →

Winter Hair Care Tips For Happy, Healthy, And Moist 4C Hair

Winter is approaching. The dreadfully cold season that we all love so much. For us naturals, it's most definitely dreadful. Our natural hair will require twice as much maintenance and we won't be able to do all the things we did during the summer. Here are ten tips to help you out! 1. Keep That Scalp Moisturized!... Continue Reading →

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